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Todd Barkan—Director of Programming and, literally, the voice of jazz for Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center, as well as record producer, former club owner and musician was involved in a serious car accident driving home to the Bronx on the West Side Highway in New York in his trusty Mercury Sable from a night working with this music he loves. As he recalls from his hospital bed a week later, “An SUV travelling at least 100 miles an hour rear-ended me and propelled my car with such force that it smashed into a tree and landed back onto the highway facing the opposite direction.” Todd suffered multiple fractures to his lower leg and to his clavicle, and serious bruises from the force of the air bag. “You know,” he shared, “those air bags don’t just inflate around you gently. They explode on impact.” A kind taxi driver witnessed the accident, called the police, and stayed at the scene to tell what had happened—the SUV took off. And, in an odd twist, Todd’s cell phone redialed the last call received before the airbag hit it. So pianist Monte Alexander was treated to a bizarre soundtrack of sirens in the wee hours of Sunday morning, he and his wife thinking it must be one of Todd’s latest musical ideas. “They had no idea,” Todd chuckled.

Todd Barkan


“I expect to make a full recovery,” Todd said. “But I’ve got to spend some weeks in rehab before I’m totally up and at ’em.”

Get well soon, Todd!

Read the full recent article from Jazz Times about Todd Barkan.

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24 Responses to Well Wishes for Todd

  1. Brad Stone says:

    Our best wishes to you, from all of us at KSJS-FM, San Jose – hope to see you back at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola soon!
    Cheers, Brad Stone

  2. Ben Allison says:

    Todd, here’s wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

    From my family to yours,

    Ben Allison

  3. Hi Todd!
    Sending you lots of love and prayers for swift recovery….my thanks for all you do for music and musicians…met you at Keystone Korner w/Rosemary & Bobby Hutcherson, among other musician/friends back in the late 60s, 70s, north beach, sf…all best!

  4. Lois Gilbert says:

    We’re so proud to do this for you. Now just get better so we can update the rest of your site! Love Lady Lo

  5. Jan Matthies says:

    Todd, gute Besserung werde schnell gesund!
    Get well! Best of luck for your recovery… Yours, Jan

  6. Katja von Schuttenbach says:

    Dear Todd, Get well soon. Thinking of you in DC and hoping you’ll be on stage again in no time …to take care of the music … so the music will take care of us. Bright moments, Katja

  7. Nancy Barell says:

    We missed you a lot at the Jazz Foundation event. All the best for a speedy and uneventful recovery. Nancy Barell

  8. Tom Mallison says:

    My dear friend Todd. So bummed to hear of you getting hit by another vehicle. Glad to know you are making a good recovery. Thinking of you and all the wonderful contributions you have made to keeping this Art Form moving forward.

    I look forward to seeing you back at Dizzy’s on my next trip.

  9. Joe Baione says:

    Get well Todd! Praying for a speedy recovery.

  10. B.J. Jansen says:


    Hope you’re doing much better! Marcus told me about the accident after it happened.. Get well soon! Bright Moments!

    Peace, Love and Swing!
    B.J. Jansen

  11. Hope today is GOOD day for you Todd and that with today’s Rehab you will continue to improve

  12. David Irwin says:

    Hi Todd, Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to see you at Playing our Parts. It was such a great evening, and I know you were instrumental in the planning. Thanks, so much, for what you do. Dennis would have loved the evening. His son Michael got to play the last tune with Joe, John, Matt, John, Jessie, and Benny.

    Thinking about you.

  13. Hi Todd, Just spoke with Laura Evans at SFJazz which brought Keystone and you to mind. Hope today is another positive day for you. Best always, Maxine Harvard

  14. It looks like Spring is finally arriving in New York. I’m hoping the good feeling that Spring brings with it is giving you a boost as you go through your needed therapy. Best, Maxine Harvard

  15. Hi Todd, Just realized that you have this site, which resolves the question of how to reach you with well wishes. So sorry to hear about this accident. I heard you were at Rusk for rehab. I know their services and their excellent, proficient staff and so I know you are, or have been, in good hands. Much love and praying for news of a great and full recovery. Carol

  16. Bobby Broom says:


    My best wishes to you on your road to recovery. Jazz needs every last one of its soldiers.


  17. What a shocker, Hot Toddy! But if anyone can get up and at ’em after that experience, it’s you. May your recovery be smooth and musical.

    Warm wishes,


  18. john kruth says:

    dang that invisible whip! glad you’re still with us amigo – lemme know if ya want any company – my 9 piece band tribecastan playing joe’s pub this sat – hang in there – bright moments indeed – truly, kruth

  19. Ron Cal says:

    Hi Todd, just ran across the article of your accident and happy to hear that you are recovering well.
    Thank you for all the music you have brought to the forefront in the past, that is still alive today.
    This also brought to mind a friend of the past Milton Jeffries, who worked at the Keystone Korner for many years in the S.F. bay area.
    Get well and the Universal Vibes will always protect you.

  20. Judy Chaikin says:

    Hi Todd,

    So sorry to hear about your accident, but so happy to hear that your on the road to recovery. Take it easy and give youself time to heal. Holding good thoughts for you.

    Judy Chaikin

  21. David Luke says:

    Hi Todd,
    I was thinking of you and googled your name and saw the word accident after it in the list. My heart sank, then I saw the latest photo and was glad to see a smile on your face. You’re still as beautiful as ever and you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep hangin’ in like you alway have.

    All My Best,

  22. Peter Williams says:

    Hey Todd,

    I only just heard about this yesterday….. I am glad to see you’re outside and smiling…. Take good care, jazz will be waiting for you upon discharge.


  23. Anja says:

    Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a information! present here at this blog,
    thanks admin of this web site.

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