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Keystone Korner International LLC

Todd BarkanAfter 12 inspiring and very productive years at Jazz at Lincoln Center, I have opened up a brand new exciting chapter in 50+ years of journey to the unforeheard: Keystone Korner International LLC, dedicated to expanding new audiences for great jazz adventures on a regular basis all over the world….

Hope you are all safe and sound after the storm, and after the election. Prayers for the still suffering and stranded.

As we count our blessings after the rain, I realize just how great an honor and privilege it has been to work full time for Jazz at Lincoln Center for the past twelve years, and I look forward to contributing in any way I can to JALC in the years to come, as well as continuing to serve this music we all love so much with the fullest emotional courage of my heart and soul.

I’m proud to have played an important and essential role in helping to make Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola both the most respected jazz club in New York City and a great success beloved all over the world.

We’re all inspired by the fact that Jazz at Lincoln Center will continue its phenomenal artistic advocacy and its very solid and growing global success in many extraordinary ways for a very long time to come, and I’m excited to be entering a new productive chapter in my 50+ years of service to jazz and the full spectrum of its musicians and audiences.

Keystone Korner International will be dedicated to growing the audiences for great jazz groups and virtuosos worldwide.

Take care of the music, and the music will take care of you…
All my love, respect, and gratitude, always.

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